Q: When will my Gift Card arrive?

A: Redeemed Gift Cards typically go out by email two weeks after the month is over. For example, if you won in November, your card will arrive in mid December.

Q: How much are the Gift Cards worth?

A: Winning photos will get a $10 gift card.

Q: Can the Pet Selfie just be my pet?

A: No. All selfies must include at least one human and one pet.

Q: If all my Pet Selfies receive 100 Likes during the month, do I get paid for each one?

A: You may submit Pet Selfies in all categories, but there is a maximum of one prize win per month per user.

Q: What happens to my Pet Selfies that don't receive 100 Likes?

A: Your pics will still display in the app, but become ineligible to win once they expire. In other words, you only get one chance to win for any given photo.

Q: Can I submit the same selfie multiple times?

A: Nope, afraid not. Hopefully this encourages you to continue to take Pet Selfie photos!

Q: Does the photo need to be an actual Pet Selfie or can someone take a photo of me and my pet?

A: Either works. Just make sure every photo includes at least one pet and one human.

Q: How much of the human needs to be in the photo and how much of the pet needs to be in the photo?

A: Enough that we can easily tell what we're looking at. Please use your best judgement.

Q: Why was my Pet Selfie rejected?

A: There are several reasons why your image may have been rejected. 1. Did not include at least 1 human + 1 pet. 2. Contained inappropriate or controversial content (nudity, racism, etc.) 3. Pet appears to be in danger or distress. 4. Photo does not promote a healthy pet lifestyle.

Q: I never received my Gift Card. What should I do?

A: Please contact us.

Q: Can I submit Pet Selfies of other people's pets?

A: Yes. Just tag yourself when adding the Pet Selfie.

Q: Do the Pet Selfie categories ever change?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I change my profile image?

A: When signed in, tap on the Profile tab (bottom right), then tap the Gear Icon (upper right). When on the My Account screen, you should see a button for "Edit Profile Photo".

Q: How do I add pets to my profile?

A: When signed in, tap on the Profile tab (bottom right), then tap the "Pets" button in the middle of the screen. You'll now see a "Add a Pet" button.

Q: Can I donate directly to the Petco Foundation through the app?

A: Not at this time.